CED-IADR Robert Frank Award Competitions

The competition is scheduled on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

3223183 Chenmin Yao 15:30-15:45 Senior Basic Science Research
3222769 Fernando Noguerol Sicilia 15:45-16:00 Senior Basic Science Research
3223537 Chloé Le Fournis 16:00-16:15 Senior Basic Science Research
3218659 Fabio Rodriguez Sánchez 16:15-16:30 Senior Basic Science Research
3223199 Mohammed Hassan Ahmed 16:30-16:45 Senior Basic Science Research
3222888 Jaime Bueno de Vicente 16:45-17:00 Senior Basic Science Research
3223837 Thomas Giraud 17:00-17:15 Senior Basic Science Research
3199539 Siemon De Nys 17:15-17:30 Senior Basic Science Research
3223666 Andrea Español 17:30-17:45 Senior Basic Science Research
3224325 Isaac Maximiliano Bugueño Valdebenito 17:45-18:00 Senior Basic Science Research


3223907 Beatriz Ferreira Fernandes 15:30-15:45 JUNIOR
3223449 Madeline X. F. Kosho 15:45-16:00 Senior Clinical Research
3223725 Urška Marhl 16:00-16:15 Senior Clinical Research
3223562 Alexander R.E. Verhelst 16:15-16:30 Senior Clinical Research
3223231 Jerian González Febles 16:30-16:45 Senior Clinical Research
3223601 Janneke Scheerman 16:45-17:00 Senior Clinical Research
3216164 Marina Peric 17:00-17:15 Senior Clinical Research
3222912 Marije Kaan 17:15-17:30 Senior Clinical Research
3223477 Stefano Gennai 17:30-17:45 Senior Clinical Research


You are expected to present your abstract by means of 4 slides (without animation or movies) which should not last longer than 5 minutes during a separate and closed session in front of a CED-IADR Robert Frank Award jury, this followed by question/discussion with the jury members. We advise you to present as follows:

  • Slide 1: The Introduction will indicate the purpose of the study or shortly identify the research question.
  • Slide 2: The Materials & methods will describe briefly the procedures and materials employed. Materials and/or drugs should be identified, mentioning, if applicable, the sponsors of the study.
  • Slide 3: The Results should report significant findings. Graphics should emphasize key points and provide the visual information the jury needs to understand the message.
  • Slide 4: The Conclusion(s) should briefly summarize the findings, how they answer the initial question, and how they are based or demonstrated by the experimental data.

Please email your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF (file size as small as possible) to the CED-IADR secretariat (ced.iadr@uzleuven.be) before August 30, 2019. Any presentations received later, will no longer be allowed to compete. In addition, bring your presentation saved on a memory stick as well as printed 2-page hand-outs for the 3 jury members.

Please be informed that you are obliged to attend the Congress Opening Ceremony and CED-IADR General Assembly (GA) in Madrid.







Important Dates
  • Abstract submission opening date 14 January 2019
  • New Deadline For Abstract Submission 30 April 2019 (AT MIDNIGHT CET)
  • Abstract notifications emailed to presenters Mid-June 2019
  • Early Registration Deadline 15 July 2019
  • Early Accommodation Deadline 15 July 2019
  • Congress Date 19 - 21 September 2019
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